Mark Butler

  Photography is a passion.  I have evolved from a serious amateur in many areas of photography to now an event photographer and  teacher of photography.

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  I love sharing what I've learned and to help people learn by shooting in personal and small group workshops.  I work out of San Jose and offer lessons throughout the Bay Area. 


  I offer personal and small group lessons that are customized for my clients.  We'll arrange for an appropriate shoot location to go over topics targeted specifically for the individual or small group(4 or less).  Whether a photography enthusiast looking to improve their DSLR or Mirror Less camera results or an occasional  cell phone photographer wanting to get better photos, I'll customize the lessons to meet your needs.  

  Example topics include: composition, lighting, iPhone tips, cell phone camera apps, High Dynamic Range Photography, DSLR manual settings, maximizing sharpness, depth of field, flash techniques, etc. 

  The objective is to progress in your target areas while having fun.

Client Testimonials

  A few words about Mark Butler Photography. I have been interested in photography for many years, but my body of work is depressing – mostly just typical snapshots. I would need to take hundreds of photos and sort them down to find the 10 worth displaying. I have purchased a number of cameras hoping that would improve my photography. This did not work. I wanted photos of the type you see in magazines. Good cameras have lots of functions that I did not understand, and I would always resort to using the manufactures preset features. This helped but did not improve my level of quality; I wanted to understand the camera and its functions.

  I started to work with Mark several months ago and we started on a journey into the art of photography. The very first lesson was at a long table with a single figurine at one end. The object had lots of color, shape and contrast. We spent the session trying to figure out how to take the best photo of that object. We worked on depth-of-field, focus, framing the image, and how to use the features on the camera. Thank goodness for digital cameras and instant viewing of the image. This class started my process of thinking about the subject and what I wanted from the image. My progression into photography. Mark had infinite patience in working with me. If I did not get a concept after a reasonable explanation, Mark would return to the subject at a later time from a different direction. He is very easy to work with never offering more help than one can digest at a time. His training style is easy and in depth.

  Later sessions were wrapped into field trips. We went to museums, churches, airports, and a park with a lake (this provided ducks and scenic views – all subjects). In my case, what we were photographing was not important. What was important was how we photographed the available subject. Mark always let me work at my own pace; he was just providing the necessary guidance and information on how and what we were doing. He is a guide through the process and art of taking great photos. We often exchanged photos taken on individual outings. In my case he would discuss the photos and make suggestions; in his photos I just enjoyed the work and hoped I could achieve his level of excellence.

  One thing that has crept into my brain is that I cannot look at photos or film without seeing the art of the craft. I no longer see a photo; now I see light, shadows, and framing, all of the elements that went into making a great photo. The things I want to accomplish. Thank you Mark!

Richard from Cupertino

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